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Welcome to This site belongs to, and is administered by, professional wildlife photographer and fieldbiologist Eirik Grønningsæter. is all about just that - wild nature. All images on this website are of free ranging wild animals and birds unless otherwise is clearly stated. Through the images, I will hopefully show you my passion for nature and what a remarkable world we still have. A world that is threathened at so many levels, and a world that get less diverse for every second. Just by the time you spend reading this text, several more species are probably vanished for science forever. The extinction rate is unfortunately increasing. In the Image Library, you will find many species that are endangered and on the brink to only exist in our history books. If you are looking for a specific species or habitat, simply use the search option to type what you are looking for. Hopefully, the images on will inspire you in some way to help rescue what is left. Our politicians are failing to understand that nature is vital to the future survival of human kind, and that without a healthy nature many aspects of life will change dramatically. Please be inspired to help them realise that you and me need nature to live, and that we need to create long term solutions rather than the short election  period of politicians.

If you should not find what you are looking for, or you want to enquire about the usage of any of the images presented on the WildNature website for editorial media, as fine art prints or in any other way - please see contact details in the menu. I am often out and about in remote places, so email will often be the best way to reach me.

If you just want to relax, and watch inspiring nature photography from around the world - that is fine too. Enjoy!

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