January 2021

Featured in the January issue of BBC Wildlife Magazine with a story about the Bowhead whales in Svalbard.

Awarded with no less than 3 pictures in the Nordic Nature Photo Contest (NNPC) 2021.

Shortlisted with two pictures in the very prestigeous World Press Photo - a photography contest that focuses on photo journalism.


October 2020

Exciting year where the Corona pandemic made things challenging for field work and travelling. I spent 4 months straight out at sea on various projects, including whale survey along the Norwegian coast, tagging Bowhead whales from helicopter in the very remote North-west corner of East Greenland, guiding photo photographers in Svalbard as virtually the only tourist ship managing to operate this summer and bird survey in the rough Barent's sea and along the ice edge in the Polar ocean. Despite the pandemic, a very interesting year with lots of exciting wildlife experiences!


June 2020

Presenting on World Ocean Day on an online event for Ocean Geographic in collarboration with the Chinese organisation Centent Brosea. Again sharing stage with world famous ocean conservationist Dr.Sylvia Earle, Sharon Kwok and others. My presentation was part of my 3 year long Lofoten conservation photography project where I spoke about the unique nature in the Lofoten archipelago in Norway and how the Norwegian Government, despite scientific warnings, is pushing for oil exploration in the area and putting the unique nature there at risk. The event was streamed live and attended by well over 100 000 viewers!



March 2020

Presenting on stage at the theater in Ski my talk "Using camera as pen" in the Norwegian Photography Festival in Ski.



October 2019

Awarded in GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the year in Mammal category.

Second part of a conservation story about the Lofoten islands in Northern Norway that I've been working on over the three last years was published by Bergens Tidende.

Started a Youtube channel, where I share some of my stories and wildlife experiences I am lucky to see while out in the field on various project. The channel is ment to be a little educational explaining the behaviour and ecology seen. Also some photography talk and interview with renowned and successful wildlife photographers. Name of the channel is Best Wildlife Stories.


March 2018

Happy to announce that I will start a collaboration with Olympus as I am chosen as one of their ambassadours. I look forward to work with a great team and be part of their innovatiive camera technology.

First part of a conservation story about the Lofoten islands in Northern Norway that I've been working on over the two last years was published by A-Magasinet in a 9 page article. 

A story about climate change was awarded 3rd prize in Environment and Climate category in the Norwegian Press Photographer of the year  (Årets Bilde 2017).


December 2017

It has been an exciting year where guiding photographers in Norway, Antarctica, Svalbard and Greenland has taken most of the time. But also tagging Bowehead whales from helicopter in East Greenland with scientists from the Norwegian Polar Institute, snorkelling with Southern Right Whales in South Africa, and great birding and puma photography in Chile. Saw my first narwhals and snowy owl - two species that I have wanted to see for a life time. The busy schedule has ment that I only spent two months at home, but all the exciting wildlife encounters make everything worth it! Can't wait to see what 2018 brings! 


May 2016

I just published a new book! Amazing Arctic is a book about the wildlife in Svalbard. It covers all mammals and birds in Svalbard in a "fun fact" way. I have gone through 100s of scientific articles to pick out the most amazing facts only - this means the short texts are captivating and you will find a lot of facts which you can't find in other books. I have also go help from senior scientists Kit M. Kovacs and Christian Lydersen that has been working with marine mammals in Svalbard for many years. These facts are accompanied with my own photography that is collected during my 15 years of working in the area. This makes this book into one of its kind, and it is not only a learning experince, but also an artistic and beautiful journey through the Arctic. Send me an email if you want to order a copy - NOK349 + shipment (Foreign clients pay through Paypal).


March 2016

A new Gallery is put up. Fine Art. These are work that I have selected that look especially nice on the wall. They are not ment as documentary work but more as a decoration for a nice home or office.

Click on the menu and have a look!



January 2016

Happy to announce that I got two pictures awarded in the Global Arctic Awards 2015. This was the first time I entered this competition, that focuses on Arctic nature. Please visit my Award gallery to see the awarded images.




December 2015

Got a new Swarovski EL 10x42! As a keen birder and wildlife photographer, a pair of high quality binoculars is a must. I have had a collaboration with Swarovski Optik for about 3 years now, and they provide me with the very best equipment. To have a pair of high quality bins around my neck has given me many amazing experiences with wildlife and great photo opportunities I would have missed I didn't have them. How I know? Many times, I find myself watching and finding wildlife such as polar bears, whales and great birds long before my clients see them. Binoculars is a highly under estimated tool amongst most photographers in my opinion, and many miss  great photo opportunities by not having any.




September 2015

Just returned from a great expedition to Svalbard and East Greenland as part of the Elysium Epic Artists for the Arctic project. My part in this project was contributing photographer and naturalist. A team of highly skilled and world famous photographers, film makers, artists and musicians went to the Arctic where the goal is to spread awareness through visual impact on global warming and the challenges that the Arctic is facing at the moment. For me it was a struly inspiring experience and I made some new wonderful friends along the way. Exhibitons in some of the major cities (Singapore, Sydney, London to name a few) in the world and a film will eventually see the day from this project initiated by Ocean Geographic but run logsitically in the field by Waterproof Expeditions.


June 2015

My second article for National Geographic (nordic) will be published 22 June!


March 2015

Returned from my first attempt as an underwater photographer with Ocean Geographic photographing dolphins in South Africa as part of the Sardine Run. Also visited Namibia again to photograph Black rhinos - I found 12 of them! 


01 January 2015

Big Year project finished. A total of 303 bird species observed within Norway during one year means that I am only the fourth person to see more than 300 bird species in Norway within one year.


December 2014

Just returned from 6 weeks in Antarctica and South Georgia. Lots of great penguin photos as well as loads of seals! 


05 January 2014

As the first one ever (at least officially), I will do a Big Year in 2014. This means try to see as many bird species as possible in Norway during one year. Kick off was 1st of January and I have already been on my first tour. You can follow my Big Year on or simply click on "blog" link on the menu to the left on this page.


04 May 2013

New exhibition up for show. These days, my exhibition  "On the Edge" in collaboration with Atlanterhavsparken is opening in Ålesund. This aquarium is the second biggest in Norway, and well visited by tourists as well as locals through the summer. My exhibition is about seabirds, and I try to set focus on their challenges and link this to why this is important also for humans. It will be up for show until August some time at least. Welcome!


22 March 2013

Just arrived back from fantastic rain forest photography in Thailand. Thailand have some of the best rain forest national parks in the world. Large indian civet, white handed gibbons, two species of pheasant and other birds that are rarely photographed or even seen will soon be uploaded to the Image Library.


23 Feb 2013

On a photo assignment in Northern Norway.


12 Feb 2013

Quality is a trade mark of It being through images, customer service, equipment or bird guiding. Quality always counts!  One of my most important tools when being out to do wildlife photography is my binoculars. I am therefore proud to announce that the very best producers of high quality binoculars, Swarovski optik, is now sponsoring I get to use their top model binoculars whenever out in the field. I am sure they will produce some extra photo opportunities, which I would have missed without top quality binoculars,  and not the least, I am sure they will enhance already great nature experiences to spectacular ones when seen through the glasses of Swarovski.  




8 Feb 2013 has just signed the contract to be part of the Aurora Expedition team in July and August 2013.  I will be the natural history guide for two Svalbard voyages and one to East Greenland.  We will make sure all the passengers will get great wildlife experiences, and share our passion and enthusiasm for the Arctic. This is a trip for all round passengers travelling on a 50 passenger ship. If you want to join, please visit the Aurora Expedition website.




15 Jan 2013

Finally - a new website is up and running!