This website is administered by the professional wildlife photographer Eirik Grønningsæter (1977). From his base in Norway, he is privileged to have access to a wide array of habitats and species. His passion for wildlife and nature came to him already as a child, and especially the strong interest in birds has helped him to achieve a profound understanding of the importance of nature. He is an aknowledged birder in Norway. Since his academic career climaxed with a CandScient degree in Zoology in 2003, he started his own business where he designs and runs field biology jobs for various scientific projects both in Norway and abroad.


Since 2007, he has combined field biology with wildlife photography and photo journalism is becoming an increasingly important part of his buisness. Despite the relatively short photographic career, his images and stories have already been published in various prestigeous media like National Geographic, BBC wildlife magazine, Norwegian national broadcasting, Natur&Foto and Villmarksliv, A-magasinet just to mention a few. His images are also represented by the agencies Foto Natura (NL), Fotofil (N) and Alamy (UK) where they are found by a wide range of custumers and media both nationally and internationally.  


His first book -Where to find birds and mamals in MR- sold out, and is now out of print. He has held several successful exhibitions.


Even though focusing on Scandinavian and Arctic nature, the photography has taken him all around the world – something that shows in his variety in the species archive. The strong knowledge about ecology allows him to combine estethic beauty with species portraits that describes the unique behaviour or habitat aquirements of the species in a single image. His journalistic stories show a strong interest in nature conservation, and often adresses important topics to increase awareness among people . To further help the animals, he only photographs wild animals and birds, not to support the captive business that unfortunately is expanding world wide.


Through his combined  knowledge of biology and photography, he has successfully guided several photographers and film crews. He is also leading expeditions in Svalbard and Norway specially  accustomed for photographers. 





  (C) Kjetil Schjølberg, (C) Å. Rekkedal, (C) Kjetil Schjølberg