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If you don't find what you are looking for, or have any question about the use of any of my pictures, please e-mail me so we can discuss the conditions and prices. Prices will depend on usage of the picture. Images downloaded directly from my Image Library, are highres jpeg suitable for double spread in magazines or newspapers. If you prefer to not use this option, or have other needs, please make contact! I deliver high resolution pictures in the size you need. They are delivered either as a TIFF-file, or JPEG level 12 as attachment in e-mail or Dropbox - already edited and ready to use or unedited - it's up to you! Short delivery time! All my pictures are shot as Raw-files, to ensure the highest quality possible for your use.

Many people have already discovered it. My images are perfect on your wall! Do you want to decorate your office, your living room or your cabin - then I am happy to assist you to find the best solution for your use. Not only help you pick the right images, but also the best printing solutions.

When only a few of my images is represented on, please contact me or check out more of my stock photos at any of the agencies that represent my work if you don't find the ideal image for your use browsing the image library here.




Amazing Arctic is a book about the wildlife in Svalbard. It covers all mammals and birds in Svalbard in a "fun fact" way. I have gone through 100s of scientific articles to pick out the most amazing facts only - this means the short texts are captivating and you will find a lot of facts which you can't find in other books. I have also go help from senior scientists Kit M. Kovacs and Christian Lydersen that has been working with marine mammals in Svalbard for many years. These facts are accompanied with my own photography that is collected during my 15 years of working in the  area. This makes this book into one of its kind, and it is not only a learning experince, but also an artistic and beautiful journey through the Arctic. This is also a conservation project as 15% of the surplus sales will go to support CABS (The Comitee Against birds Slaughter), an idealistic organisation that have shown good results fighting the illegal bird hunting of about 25 million birds annually in the Mediterranean countries. Please send me an email at if you want to order a copy - NOK349 + shipment (clients outside Norway pay through Paypal).

The book is 25 x20 cm, English text and 224 pages full of photographs that captures the magic Arctic. Published in May 2016 by

 Amazing Arctic.jpg

<Where to watch birds in Møre & Romsdal> is so far my only book published. It came out in 2007, and was sold out fairly quickly. It is now out of print. The book describes in detail where and how to find the different species found in the county of Møre & Romsdal in western Norway. It was, and still is, one of the very few locality guides ever made for Norway.




I guarantee high quality guiding! I do guide film crews, photographers and birders on a regular basis, and their many publications is proof to me that I have been succsessful. 

Do you want to find those "difficult to see" species, but have limited time available? have the experience you are looking for. Being an aknowledged birder in Norway since 1990, I know where to find all the breeding birds in Norway. I am the authour of one of the very first "where to watch" guides in Norway.
Please don't hesitate to contact me to enquire about my availability, and which species I can offer at the time you plan to travel. I do guiding all over Norway, but for trips outside my home area I only accept bookings for trips of at least three days of duration.

My unique experience as expedition leader for scientific projects and tourist voyages in Svalbard, and as guide experience in Greenland, South Georgia and Antarctica combined with my natural history skills, means that I am now head hunted for guiding and leading several expeditions for various companies each year. If you want me to guide you and your friends on your very own expedition, please contact me to help you set up the best itinerary possible within your time budget (I do recommend at least 10 days, preferably 14 days for a sailyacht expedition in Svalbard). is in close collaboration with WildPhoto Travel which is now leading in organising photography tours in Svalbard as well as Antarctica. I work exclusively for them when it comes to photography trips in "their" destinations. So please have a look at their website and see what they offer if coming home with great images are the most important for you. I still do smaller groups, film crews and non-photography oriented groups through, so don't hesitate to contact. As boats on Spitsbergen are limited and often fully booked, you need to contact me at least 6 months (preferably a year) in advance for a private Svalbard expedition. Exploring Svalbard is unevitably expensive, but I promise you an excellent time packed with Arctic experiences.